In 2014 little Nikki Nu started her first little spa....... In one little room, in one little cottage, in one little town called Calabasas. Since then her spa has grown in services and numbers right into her Nu little gem location in Woodland Hills.

This year Nikki celebrates her Nu spa with you! 

Nikki........ "spas are supposed to be a great place to get away. A place where life as we know it can stop. Most of the time we walk into a spa with as much drama and problems as the world outside. Getting an appointment is hard and things seem to get more and more expensive. Sometimes you have to worry about who you will see and what they will say. How does that make a person feel relaxed and happy? you should want to stay at your spa for as long as you can! you should feel like you can walk into your spa any day of the week and be able to put your feet in a warm footpath or sit in a room with steam and music. Pop in to get a quick mask to get rid of a blemish or dehydrated skin. Even if you don't have an appointment. Why cant there be a spa that is mine? oooooooo wait I do have that!

Welcome to Nu Esthetics Spa! Our membership makes it easy to love your spa because it is yours and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for you and your family and friends can enjoy it. Mi Casa Es Su Casa." Sharing is caring, and I'm sharing my heart with you!