Endermologie Special !

10 Endermologie Sessions for $500
Endermologie machine stimulates the skin & fat tissue, It targets fat, and activates blood & lymphatic circulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Its also good as a weight loss treatment if you want to lose a couple inches before an event. Firm your face and contour your body!

Introducing the Lipo Massage!

NuEsthetics Spa will be introducing the Endermologie Lipo Massage starting October 1st. Pre book your first session before time runs out! Special offers and packages available Oct 1st - Dec 31st. This non invasive treatment Sculpts the body by removing cellulite, increasing blood flow, and drains unnecessary body fluids that can cause puffiness. Lose inches before the Holidays!

Henna Tattoos!

Courtney does henna tattoos! You can book an appointment for larger designs, or even get a small design while you're getting your nails done! Prices start at $25 and go up depending on detail and size.

Stay Golden

🌞 Call us to book your spray tan today for only $50. Don't wait until last minute, Be beach ready before Memorial Day Weekend! Beautiful Glowing skin in just minutes.

Prom Packages!

Have we told you about our amazing Prom Package? Get your makeup done at Nu Esthetics Spa and then enjoy a mani-pedi at our connecting nail bar, all for $75! Upgrade to gels for $5 or acrylics for $15. Call Renewal Nail Bar to book an appointment for this awesome special! (818) 223-8698

Share the Love

I received my first facial from Nikki and it was amazing.  From the atmosphere to the professionalism, my whole experience was great.  From a man who has never had one before, I will definitely be back because that same night I had a woman compliment me on my skin. Thanks again Nikki!  I will see you again soon.

-William B.


I got a spray tan by Nikki and it was the best spray tan I have gotten. She applies baby powder at the end which makes it a much more enjoyable and less sticky experience! I have gotten spray tans by a ton of different people, and this is, by far the best one!

-Sierra Y.


This is the best facial/ most amazing shoulder massage I have ever had. I have never been so relaxed, and my face is glowing. Thank you Nikki

-Baba S.